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May 22, 2009
By D@NNi_D SILVER, Huntington, West Virginia
D@NNi_D SILVER, Huntington, West Virginia
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As I sit in my room
Feeling all alone
No people, No T.V
Not even my phone
I think…
How does he feel?
He says he loves me,
And that he really cares,
But when I look into,
His eyes
I get blank stares
He said he likes my
So can he describe
It to me?
In his arms
Is the only place
Want to be
When he’s around
My fears disappear
But at the same time
The worry is still there
Thinking about it
All the time
Makes me want to scream
Sometimes even cry
Cause the fear of
Him not wanting me
Makes me want to die
The love of my life
Is what you’ll always be
I want you so bad
But do you want me?
I need to get over you
Just let it go
But boy you just
Don’t know
When you walk past me
I swear
I get weak
When you say my name
I get butterflies and can’t speak
When you look into my eyes
I want to fly away
When you walk past me in the hallways
I just can’t say….
When you hug me
I want to faint
But boy after all of
That you still don’t feel the same
The games we play
Our inside jokes
Our little secrets
I’ll always remember
But this is the end
The very last day
I’ll never write another
Poem about you
Or think this way
I hope through all this
Our friendship won’t change
But I got to move on
I’m tired of singing this song……

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