Left Behind

May 22, 2009
By XxJohnHxX GOLD, Wheaton, Minnesota
XxJohnHxX GOLD, Wheaton, Minnesota
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Death before dishonor. Friends and family for life.

We were together under the sun,
We loved, we laughed, and we always had fun.
We were inseparable, me and you.
There was no limit to things we’d do.
I was never happier then when you were by my side.
But like all the others before
You say you don’t want to be with me anymore.
You expect me to be your friend?
Well, no, I won’t be your friend.
I can’t stand to be that, when you know I want so much more.
But there you leave me standing as you walk right out the door.
Once again I’m lonely, I feel so cold and dark.
Where did it all go? I thought there was a spark.
But now there are only the ashes of the fire that burned so bright
And the crumbled soul of the man you left alone tonight.
I must not have been good enough,
Or maybe she just didn’t care that much.
She found another man, and brought on this rot.
Well, now what do I do? Now what have I got?
I hope the day comes, when she will find
The hurt that comes with being left behind.

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