I [am] the Poet Slave

May 22, 2009
By Ashley Plante BRONZE, Attleboro, Massachusetts
Ashley Plante BRONZE, Attleboro, Massachusetts
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Daring to disturb the Universe.
Leave footprints on a page.

Old books are practiced.

A season on a brink.

The truth about forever

(Words are from the myths).

The law that changed the Future.

But never, ever surrendered.

The masters of the modern essay

Have lucid states of mind.

On the other side of paradise

The possibilities of too big a storm.

The worst exaggerations

Of innocence lost or stolen.

What life was like,

It’s an old custom.

The simple gift.

Of those who hunt at night,

The power of blackness.

Where the sidewalk ends.

We touch the sky.


The excavations of

The uses of the future.

Then there was the future.

One summer in between.

Into the opening and

Behind the secret door.

You run without Consideration.

A cycle back to reality.

Near catastrophy?

Terrifying, yet mesmerizing.

Milestones of our years.

The confessions

So much smaller than life.

A universe of stew.

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