If I Never Told The Truth

May 22, 2009
By Sarah Bryant SILVER, Prentiss, Mississippi
Sarah Bryant SILVER, Prentiss, Mississippi
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If I never told the truth
I’d tell it tonight
So cliché, to tell about the stars
What good would it do us tonight anyway?
I probe your thoughts
Watch them as they expand and thicken
Waiting to see myself reflected
So many things I never thought to think about
Now, it seems that time has stopped, and I can begin
To think on things no one has ever thought to think about
And accomplish dreams they are too afraid to dream of accomplishing
To do the impossible
To do something wonderful

Let us wonder to wander on the moon
Is it too soon? Or too old?
I see your heart, and the contents therein
I watch as it roils and rolls and waves
Waiting to see myself reflected
So many things I never thought were evil
So many times I declined doing good
I’m perfect outside of here
But with an outside comes an inside
And the outside covers the inside well

Watch as I feed my fears
While I smother all my dreams
As I’m staring into the eyes of one face
While the other speaks blasphemy
I’m tired of talking about the earth
They spread so many lies
They worry about the earth too much
To worry about the world

Our endings are never complete
Neither is the middle or beginning
But we make our lives what they are
By the grace of God

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