May 22, 2009
By Rebekah Layton SILVER, Southern Pines, North Carolina
Rebekah Layton SILVER, Southern Pines, North Carolina
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Red is the color of all that is Romantic

The Shade of Zeus’s lust
And Hera’s mighty fury.
Of Dionysius’s tempting wine,
Cerci’s seductive poppies,
Aphrodite’s passion.

Red was the Fruit that caught Eve’s
The blood that Cain spilt,
The river Moses changed,
And the courage of David.

Red was the color of a Mermaids flowing hair.
Hooks Coat.
Cinderella’s flushed cheeks.
Robin’s famous hat.
Of twelve pairs of worn dancing slippers.
Of the cape worn by a diligent granddaughter.
Red was the love shared by a Beauty and a Beast.
The drop of blood claimed by the spindle.
And the blood spilt by a betrayed Arabian King.

One drop of the good Queens red blood
Fell upon the snow covered window sill.
One daughter with lips as red as that blood was born.
One evil Queen’s jealousy and hate burned this color.
Seven kind dwarfs mined bright rubies.
Red were the ribbons that stole her breath.
Red were the garnets that studded the comb
That stilled her limbs.
Red was the apple meant to steal her life.
Red and Burning were the iron slippers
That the evil Queen wore to the wedding.
Red was Hell’s door,
Which the Queen danced through.

Red is Pain
And Glory.
Red is Love
And Hate.
Red is Power
And Emotion.
Red is the color of Imagination.

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