Never Alone

May 22, 2009
By Ricki_Ann_ily BRONZE, Oak Hill, West Virginia
Ricki_Ann_ily BRONZE, Oak Hill, West Virginia
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The love i feel is a riddle .
The hate i feel is a rhyme.
The anger is somewhere in the
middle of the black and yellow lines.
I hate the way i use my anger but its an expression of who I am.
But to control it is something I can't and never will stand.
People who keep this inside it ends up eating the alive.
When you try to hide it...
It will scratch at you until you break.
Don't let it stay deep down in your soul to make all of the hate and anger turn into your song.
My song is my riddle.
My rhyme is in between.
Love is what is left behind when all of the rest of you sing...

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