Can We Ever Agree?

May 22, 2009
By orlandofan73 SILVER, Rhinelander, Wisconsin
orlandofan73 SILVER, Rhinelander, Wisconsin
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What is going on with the world today?
Why are fighting and disease everywhere?
Why are people staying inside to play?
We need the answers although they are rare.

Protests and riots happen all the time,
People can’t decide what they believe in,
Problems make them think and stop on a dime,
This world is a rusty metal tin.

This tin needs to be open and set free,
Your opinion is always a delight,
We can work together in harmony,
So we can decide together what’s right.

So put your heads together in prayer now,
Be proud of who you are and take a bow.

The author's comments:
I wrote this sonnet because there are so many social problems in this world that we need to learn how to control.

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