Things I wish I Knew

May 22, 2009
By orlandofan73 SILVER, Rhinelander, Wisconsin
orlandofan73 SILVER, Rhinelander, Wisconsin
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How we were put on this Earth,
When the world will be environmentally friendly,
When we stop cutting down the forests,
When racism will finally be over,
When the war will end,
When there will be no more suffering,
What happens to us after we pass on,
If there is life on other planets,
What I am going to do after college,
If I will have a good life,
If I will be an actress someday,
If I will achieve all my goals in life,
If we will have another chance together,
If he decides not to take another chance,
When I will find love again,
When I can forget about him and move on,
When I can forgive him for what he did,
When he will apologize…

The author's comments:
I wrote this because everybody wishes they had answers to some sort of questions...

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