Only You

May 22, 2009
By Anneliese Litz BRONZE, Cleveland, Georgia
Anneliese Litz BRONZE, Cleveland, Georgia
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There was no thought running through my mind
on that day I first set eyes on your kind
At least, if you want me to answer honestly
Instead, there was only...

The way you talked, the way you move
and how my eyes wandered only to you.
The feel of your touch, the heat of your breath
and all these thoughts of how to fit you under my dress.

Not just for love, you see
but how could I keep you in front of me?
Can I steal you away and make you free
for only me?

In my eyes,
your arms are my heaven

In my arms,
your eyes are my sky

And then your lips...
Oh, the eternal bliss of your lips...
They will always be my refuge
a safe place-keeping inside my heart
my home
my love
my everything
my all.

This is what I thought
when I first saw...
Only you.

The author's comments:
I like to believe that this is half non-fiction, and half fiction.
As it has never really happened to myself, I always like to believe that it will one day.
Not only that, but it has happened to numerous people in the world, and will happen to everyone one day.

I believe that when you first lay eyes on your one true love,
there is no concept of time.
Everything stops.
All you can think about is how to keep them with you, how to make them yours (little do you know that they are already much more than that).
Love is pure, love is a gift, love is grand, love is love.

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