The Calm Of What Once Was

May 22, 2009
By Anneliese Litz BRONZE, Cleveland, Georgia
Anneliese Litz BRONZE, Cleveland, Georgia
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As a child I would sleep
until the sun felt it natural for me to rise
I would lie under a starry night sky
as the moon provided a lightly guidance for my eyes

The leaves would overturn
from the cornicopia of the wind
& the grass was always a brighter shade greener
when it sang pure of heart without sin

The fish swam in water so pure
that not one dark hearted soul could harm
Running freely through this Earth
all towards the heavens of true charm

Shooting stars were always
the grandest sight to see
They meant everyone was simple at heart
with a calmness never to be breached by the mightiest of seas

In today's world I look back on those dreams
I wish things could just be simpler
& just as it seems

But even the least wise of the men know
that the best way to part the seas
is to help the sleeping children go
& guide their soul correctly through the trees

The author's comments:
I was sitting outside of my school in February of this year, when I saw the leaves.
The way they overturned so perfectly, & made such a calming sound of a breeze... It was simply, captivating...
I became inspired by that simple movement. It was once the most gallant of things, and now it is just the sound of the wind; slowly being taken for granted.

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