Blue Straggler

May 22, 2009
"She hides inside her jacket,"
The moonlit one told herself
"I write her letters every day,
but they wind up on her shelf

It's freezing rain down here tonight
and I know the sky's not blue or bright,
But everything will be alright
You have my starshine,
I see your moonlight."

"She buries deep her portrait,"
The starstruck one said aloud
"I'd place it high upon my shelf
If I could wrench it from the ground.

There's no gravity up here tonight
and I know I can't tell left from right
but everything will be alright
You've got me, Starshine,
You have my moonlight.

I know that we can make this right
If we just combine our kindred light
Everything will be alright
Together we can end this night."

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