Nobody Loves You Like I Love You

May 21, 2009
By azorazahra BRONZE, Palo Alto, California
azorazahra BRONZE, Palo Alto, California
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They say that love is blind
Is that true of the memories that are left behind
When your one love up and goes
Away and heaven knows
Oh heaven knows that every time someone says his name
You hang your head in crying shame
And wring your hands, was I really that bad
So bad that I drove him mad
And he ran off with his Swedish masseuse
Was I too tense, was I too loose
Did he really love me and was it right
Forgive and forget, I’m too uptight.

They same is true with friends, I’m sure
Your ailing heart a doctor cannot cure
After a BFF, a friend for life
Walks away when she’s hit with strife
The pain and honesty in her eyes
When you see her walking by
With her new friends all dressed so strange
In their Abercrombie jeans and their long blond manes
Now didn’t we say that we hated that crowd
Didn’t we think they were obnoxious and loud
Doesn’t it just make you cry that what seems so wrong
To her is plain right.

Now in my life I’ve been both kind and rude
But nobody can hurt me more than you do
When you tell me you don’t love me, you won’t stand by my side
Has this whole stint been one big lie
And did you ever feel the way you said you did
Please spare me the embarrassment of crying like a kid
And making myself look foolish and dumb
If your lies were a cake I devoured every crumb
I sit here waiting and wishing
That my one true love came back from that fishing
Trip, I sat by the window, waiting and wishing
He said he went on a trip with the boys,
I was too stupid to notice he’d packed up his toys
And his clothes and his books
Not just his fishing hooks
And didn’t my friend do the same
When she hung out with the popular ones cause I’m totally lame
She might as well have just moved out
Or stood on the rooftops to shout
I hate you, this friendship is over
My luck is so bad, where’s my four leaf clover
The one that will bring me back my friends and my love
Because whenever push comes to shove
I end up at the floor
I don’t want to live like this anymore
And neither do you
Just test your friendships, make sure they’re true
And enjoy the time you have with your man
Don’t bother and question him with his long term plan
Because there might not be any future for you two
Listen to his words and you might find a clue
You might find a clue
That says it’s true,

Nobody loves you like I love you.

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