Signed in Blood

May 21, 2009
By Jim Fritz BRONZE, Mt. Prospect, Illinois
Jim Fritz BRONZE, Mt. Prospect, Illinois
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Signed in Blood
Nothing I do
Is ever good enough for you
Yet you lie to my face
And say it’s true
Thoughts run through my head
As I lid in my bed
“Life is so much easier
When you’re dead.”

Well my soul is split
And torn apart
My throat was cut and slit
On my broken heart
All the clouds will weep
And the earth will flood
When you find my name
Signed in blood

Dressed in black and gray
People visit my grave
They repent for the
Things they said
Flowers that they bring
For the songs they sing
Was naught, the flowers wilted
In a day


Well the nights are petrified
Stone cold and dark
Filled with emptiness
Just like my heart
But now I sleep
Underneath the mud
Name, etched in stone and
Signed in blood

The sun begins to rise
Into the morning skies
A deep-sea blue
Just like my eyes
None but few now know
Why seven years ago
It rained that day
In November


Well the earth is crust
And full of lies
The only truth
Is now demised
If you find my grave
Buried deep in mud
You will find my name still
Signed in blood.

The author's comments:
These are lyrics to a song I wrote for guitar.

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