The Be

May 21, 2009
By Matthew Cronin BRONZE, Park Ridge, Illinois
Matthew Cronin BRONZE, Park Ridge, Illinois
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How do I diagnose be?
I be what you be,
You be what we be,
We are what they be,
They are what you see.
We make each other who we be,
Be is a label put unto thee.
He is with she,
She is with he,
They are together,
They are the be.
The be is who you are,
What you are,
And who you are to be.
If this is true,
Are you you?
Am I me?
Have you instilled your inner be?
The be that makes me,
The me to be,
With a be independent from,
He or,
She or,
Us or,
So now you be who you be,
He be who he be,
She be who she be.
But me,
I'll be the real me,
And that's how I diagnose my inner be.

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