would you

May 21, 2009
By Anonymous

if i walked past you
would you stop me,in my tracks
if i fell to the ground
would you pick me up,and dust me off

if i wound to fly up in the sky
wound you see me next to the sun
if i spoke to you everyday
would you speak to me

if tears ran down my face
would you wipe them away
if i was sitting down alone
would you sit next to me

if i asked you a question
would you answer
if i huged you tight
would you hug tight back

do you even see how much
i care about you
do you even know what it does to me
when your around me

i wishto tell you how are feel
but its hard to explain
if you just leason to me
you will know

if i messed up
would you forgive me
if i died
would you forever miss me

if i said i love you
would you say i love you to

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