May 21, 2009
By Justin Gilchrist BRONZE, McDonough, Georgia
Justin Gilchrist BRONZE, McDonough, Georgia
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That smile, those eyes, her beautiful face. It glistens with a sparkle from a tear. A tear of joy I ponder to answer? No, it be a tear of sadness, a tear of hate and anger, a tear of fear! Her love to be crushed as a puddle of dreams flushed away. Seeing and believing are two totally different aspects, but today both fall into this category. I can’t stand it this way, not being happy to live life the opposite of her. A flash catches sight of my eye as I take a walk down memory lane. The burst of fun we had doing simple pleasures filled my head. The Oreo ice cream shared on a spring day. The covers cuddled us watching a fairytale take place. The glimpse of her wink and peek toward me all the way across the room at work, and oh baby that smirk. She reminds me why I wake up and realize its worth stepping into reality because our fantasy and dreams will soon be fulfilled. Not a minute passes without slices of ideas in my next partake with her. Choosing her over all the rest is like a lonely rose in a thorn bush, just waiting for me to pick her out. To treasure our moments is a lifetime of keepsakes stored away and never forgotten. LOVE: a four letter word without emotion. It shouldn’t be connected with us, because what we have is much more. Lying side by side in a field below the sunset is the perfect way to die into heaven. Pace by pace, I walk with her, keeping her head high and hands close in realizing our friendship is an unbroken bond like splitting an atom bomb, which is not be done. See my faith, our glory together to understand life at hand; her dazzling ways always leave a trace, for me to follow in her grace. Being with her day by day is all I have to say.

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