The Man Who Stood On His Past

May 21, 2009
By Anonymous

At war with ignorance underneath
his amour against the sun,
He ventured out to seek planting for
the discipline he longed so much to have.
Watered with the tears of his past
and plowed with the pain of his pride
sprouted an option.
Slowly with the assistance of determination,
grew a field of opportunities.
Jack and the beanstalks successor,
He rose above the odds.
He beat the giant waiting at the top.
To see him now you must look up.
Over the walls of Berlin he fights so we might be AMERICANS.
Love. A force not even an army can defeat,
Sent him packing home to say, I do.
Back to Louisiana he went. Here in Louisiana he stays.
The Air Force bids him well as he accepts
his invitation into sales.

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