My Freedom. Great. Not So Great.

May 21, 2009
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I run in freedom,
Although there is a war.
My mind fights in fear
Of losing its innocence.
My soul is swallowed by the
Evil of the world.
My country’s hands are washed with
The blood of those betrayed.
My heart calls out to those I love,
Those whom I have lost in this terrible game.
Yet my body,
My body seems to run in freedom.
I must say this freedom is not so great.
The price of one man’s life
Allows me to buy my life’s happiness.
Men force to dig holes,
Seeking shelter.
While my bed becomes a movie theater,
Where my dreams are free to roll.
How interesting this is.
One man must leave his family behind.
So that I might bring up my own
In a free world.
I must say this freedom is not so great.

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