For All Of Us Alike

May 21, 2009
By makemewhtuwant BRONZE, Wheatley Hieghts, New York
makemewhtuwant BRONZE, Wheatley Hieghts, New York
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That release we all crave for
We try to get it from our friends
By just venting
But its never good enough
No, not for us

So when we get home from a long
Stressed filled day
We take out the friend that we have come to count on
As we slide it across our beautiful marked skin
A smile is most likely placed on our lips

But soon its not enough
What used to be one cut
Is now more then we ever could have imagined
As the cuts increase in numbers
They grow longer
They become deeper

Soon we refuse to wear anything besides
Long sleeves and pants
We don't dare let anyone see
Each one tells its own personal story
And we sometimes find ourselves running a finger along the scars

But I'm Telling you now
If you haven't stopped
I truly hope you do
Find someone that will make you happy
That will make you smile
And trust me
You deserve every little bit of happiness that comes your way

Let me tell you one of my secrets
One that even I didn't want to believe
I fell in love
With a boy
He makes me smile
He makes me laugh
And guess what

You can find someone too
And it's better then cutting
Because in this release
You get to say

"I love you."

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