Teenaged tragity

May 21, 2009
By Anonymous

Highschools not gonna break us apart,
Bull shouldn’t have believed it from the start
It hasn’t been long enough,
I don’t want to loose you,
Take a hold of my hand
Somehow we’ll make it through.

Its hurts so bad
To see this happening to us.
Unintentional mistakes
Tearing at our trust,
Things will get normal eventualy,
As long as we all survive
This epic teenaged tragity.

We were all so happy,
When we merged into one,
It was a crutial step
In what we’d later become.
We thought we were strong
But I guess we were weak
Never thought we’d have to choose
Between which friend ships to keep

The author's comments:
This happened in the middle of my freshman year in highscool. I lost most of my really close friends, but I have such better ones now<3

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