The Stars

May 21, 2009
By Netterz BRONZE, Ottawa, Other
Netterz BRONZE, Ottawa, Other
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The sun rises,
the moon sets.
The stars twinkle,
and the wind blows.
Just the same,
life continues on
as the world spins
on its’ axis around the sun.

There are times
when the spinning
seems to spin out of control.

There are times
when it seems
as though the darkness
of the shadows
has crept, irreversibly,
into the light of the sun, blocking it out.

There are times
when it seems
as though the very ground
from beneath your footprints
is crumbling away,
leaving you nowhere,
but down,
to fall.

It is in these times
that we search for a constant;
A level force
to cease the endless spin;
A source of illumination
to light the way;
A strength
to hold us up.

It is in these times
that we search
out the calm
at the eye of the hurricane.

It does not exist.

Is but a myth.

Every detail is planned;
every moment inked
by God’s hand;
each one flowing into the next, creating our story.

It is in times of chaos
that he sends peace.

It is in the moment of weakness that he gives restoration.

It was then
that he sent us to one another;

And so,
when light fades,
and night comes,
Look to the stars,
and know
that no matter how far or wide
life has taken us apart
I am looking up at the same ones from wherever I am.

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