Number 54

May 21, 2009
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The heart-pounding anxiety

Thumping in your ears

The twitter of your fingers

Restless and nervous

The first and last steps on the Big Green
Determine your mood

The Sea of the Enthralled

Watching, cheering, scrutinizing your every move

The grind of your muscles, sinews, and tendons

Felt down to the very core

Helmet in one hand, heart on your sleeve

But your mind on the Field

All others shut out
All others ignored
All others unimportant

Your impassioned eyes intimidating

The face of the opposer stressed and creased

Their calculating plans keenly thwarted

Nothings gets past, nothing goes by

Your strength, drive, zeal

-- Too much for them to handle

Pride pushes all pain

This pain is pleasure
This pain is wanted

This pain is…


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