May 21, 2009
By Fearless SILVER, Tempe, Arizona
Fearless SILVER, Tempe, Arizona
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I can feel the pulses throughout my body
I can feel your chest rise and fall
We lay there at the dawn of light
You kiss me and say i love you
as your long hair sweeps over my face
we lay there and you smile
while i smile back

our chest rise and fall together as one
we hold each other tight
beneath all the quilts
our hearts are binded together
and will not tear apart

now you lay there beside me telling me "I love you"
this goes on forever tell i say okay and smile

Right then we laid there and i realized...
I finally realized how much i love you
Right then you looked at me with the most wonderful eyes and said

"I love this moment no matter what"
I replied "Why?"
then i heard the most wonderful thing ever
it made my heart skip a beat and
i smiled and did nothing more
I heard

"I love this moment because i know it is the closest i will ever be to your heart"

After that moment i could do nothing but smile
you smiled and i did to but all we did was smile
smile and lay so close to each other that not even a piece of paper could separate us
that smile meant 'i love you' in our little world..
As i capture this moment
not a thing passes mine
except for your smile

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