May 21, 2009
By Anonymous

Her Majesty and crew set out today
For the voyage none will forget.
Stern steel sides silently slice the sea
As the brisk salt breeze bathes the captain’s face.
Gay laughter from an unsuspecting crowd fills the deck.
Jewels glisten.
Dresses rustle.
Unparalleled wealth flaunts among the wine glasses.
A small snowcap looms ahead.
A judgment lapse and a moment of terror.
Infallible steel shrieks in the darkness.
She cripples under the blow and waits.
Her backup fails as the sea gushes in.
There is no time left.
The jewels scream for help,
Pushing towards the too few lifeboats.
The sea hungrily awaits the desperate jumpers.
Death’s inviting warmth envelopes the distressed
While they sink in the frigid depths.
The blissful air is no more.
Her Majesty and crew sink tonight.

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