The Bears

May 21, 2009
By Kevin Aquino SILVER, Mt. Prospect, Illinois
Kevin Aquino SILVER, Mt. Prospect, Illinois
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Have you ever seen a defense that hit so hard?
They make the other team look like a tub of lard
They keep the opposing offense guessing
If you want to win, you better get their blessing
On the field, they look like mad men
It is like you are walking into a lion’s den
There is no way you’ll be able to run the ball
Because the running back will just fall
They had the biggest player named the Fridge
He almost looked like a bridge
What about the Green Bay Packers?
Oh, they made them look like a whole bunch of slackers
The mastermind behind the defense’s name was Buddy
And he made the opposing team look like silly puddy
They had a savvy quarter back
And the offensive line made sure he never got sacked
Their best player was nicknamed sweetness
He sure had no weakness
Everyone in the city loved the team
They made peoples’ faces gleam
They did the Super Bowl shuffle
While everyone else watched them while eating Ruffles
They did win the Super Bowl
No doubt they were on a roll
Some say they were the greatest team ever
They sure were clever
They really are a team for the ages
But now, the players look like sages

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