Lost Battle (Synesthesia Poem)

May 21, 2009
By Anonymous

Lost Battle

The night started off
Red dress, the slinky type.
Strappy heels, buzzing energy
Tuxes as black as the night.
We spent the night feeding
Off of each other’s vibe.
Dipping, and
The night flashed in front of
My eyes, way too
Quickly for my liking.
Before I knew it, the clock
Tolled 2. Time to go home.
I sigh, lean on the bar
Can I have one more drink, to go?
Bright blue liquid magically
Fills my cup. I smile at you.
You grin back, let’s go home.
We step outside, hand in hand
Into the early morning hours.
The city is sleeping.
The taxicabs are swerving, erratic,
The only people on the road.
Bright beams scorch my retinas,
I blink, look beside me, and remember.
What is it?
I left my phone back at the club.
We turn around, saunter back.
Heels clicking against the
Cracked concrete.
I bound inside, through the doors
And back into surreal dance floor.
I weave and wind my way
Through sweaty bodies
Pressed up against each other.
I spot my phone sitting innocently
Untouched on the bar.
I exhale a sigh of relief.
I flip open the screen, 3 new voice mails.
I listen to each message, grandma nagging, best friend wondering,
Ex boyfriend worrying. …
The last message hits hard.
Click, slam,
Shocked, disarray, why?
Mom was doing so well.
So well.
Cancer wasn’t supposed to win.
She lost,
We lost.
I dragged myself up, walked outside
And collapsed into your arms.

The author's comments:
This is a synethesia poem that I wrote for my Creative Writing Class :)

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