The Deepest Love

May 21, 2009
By Elisha Buckingham SILVER, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Elisha Buckingham SILVER, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Bleed into me
become a slave to the way I set you free
from the moment you touch me
Let me provide the endless support you need
pen in hand
write everything you need
etch your pain, and sorrow
here on my lines
and let me serve as a moment of time

I will keep your secrets
and never reveal your fear
you leave me open
Welcoming everyone
to a closed chapter
within your past
that I will proudly reveal
because I will always be here

I am proud to serve as a monument of your past
for these great works of art
keep me company within the dark

I know I hold the secret to your heart
your first and only love
Nothing can compare to me
for I am the only one who can set you free

I know everything there is to know about you
I give you an Identity
and it is I who provides pages free of worry
only seeking truth

Many will come
and many will go
but here
I will remain true

time apart
our bond grows stronger
till you can't take it anymore

my pages will call out to you
you will have restless nights
til you return to me
pen in hand
ready to discover once more
your destiny

and Ill be waiting
with blanks pages
for you to fulfill
make complete

Then once more you will feel compelled
like your one step closer
to understanding the person you see
every morning when you wake up
and glace in the mirror

you turn only to me
for I am the only one
that makes you feel complete

Whether a monster
full of greed or envy
or a lover
full of pain or lust
I will serve forever more
as the
story book of your life
and you will write
and write some more
and I will never grow tired of what has happened
or what is in store
for we become one
when I am recited
and that moment is reborn

Take me
Use me
Never let me go
for I am the food for you soul
the history to your past
and the one who will never let you go.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem to express my love of poetry. Poetry has always been here for me. I can always find myself through writing. Its my key to an unlocked door.

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