May 21, 2009
By Lada_10 BRONZE, San Francisco, California
Lada_10 BRONZE, San Francisco, California
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His shirtless body
Gripped around hers.
Her little jean shorts
Covered with sand.
It’s so hot out that
She’s almost
Shirtless too. They
Almost match.
So close together
Almost as one.

Still so hot
Their white faces now have a
Golden glow to them
Just like their smiles
Glow with feelings
Only they can make
Each other feel and
No other person has
Power to do.

They match perfectly
Almost but
They both don’t even know.
Their happiness is temporary.
Pain is too
But lasts twice as long.
Almost perfect
Disguised as young love.

She doesn’t even know
He almost cheated.
He doesn’t even know
That his time with her is
Almost over.

They almost lasted
They had their fun times
Goofing around on the basketball court
Giggling like fools, along with the
Sinful times
By the river
That make his
Soft lips and her
Warm touch

Conversations still reside
In their minds of the
Untrusting doubts that got
Forced out
On the railroad tracks
Leading to a crash.

Scars left make that fight
Reoccur with every look in
The mirror he takes.
She almost feels
Responsible for
His mistake that set things
With one ***
Out of their

They continue to set the
Rest of their petty problems
Never knowing what the other
Wanted to say but
No need because with
Language barriers broken
Times of connection can be
Left unspoken.

Now the times are just
Memories that are
Almost unreal.
The almost perfect couple
Almost lasted.
Their feelings are a
Just like their young love at
The beach in the summertime.
Just one question.
Did they love each other?

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