My Own Identity!

May 22, 2009
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I want to be known only as me!
Not as one of a couple.
Not as one of a pair.
Not as one of a group.
It seems like such impossibility.
The first thing that anyone ever knows about me
Is that I’m a twin.
Then, the damage is done.
They just can’t get past it.
They can’t take the time to get us straight,
To think about us as separate people.
That is when people start ‘assuming’ things.
I can’t even tell you how much that aggravates me.
I usually see myself as a very levelheaded person,
But I can honestly say that these assumptions
Make me despise generalizations.
It‘s assumed that we’re almost the same person,
That we don’t each have our own views,
That we don’t fight or argue,
That we always know where the other is,
And what she’s doing and who she’s with.
If I went to a movie,
It’s ‘assumed’ that she saw it too,
If she knows what she’s doing in college math,
Everyone assume I know what’s going on.
All I want is to be identified as an individual.
I want to be known only as me.
I want my own identity!

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