Smiles in the Sunlight

May 22, 2009
By Rebekah Layton SILVER, Southern Pines, North Carolina
Rebekah Layton SILVER, Southern Pines, North Carolina
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Smiles in the Sunlight

She was beautiful
More beautiful than any human being has a right to be.
She could not have been a model,
No her beauty was not just skin deep,
She had a happiness of spirit that could draw people to her like bees to honey.
She looked out at her audience head tilted slightly like it was she who was focusing them not the other way around.
Her long, blond hair formed a fan,
Which was promptly rippled and given life by the gentle wind.
The sun crowned her with a halo of white light.
Her shirt was loose, flowing, and white,
As if it were reflecting the purity of its mistress.
She looked ready to burst,
To jump up and plant a kiss on the lips of the man who had shot her picture.
A broad smile dominated her young face,
Adding to her appeal.
She was the perfect woman.
She smiled without conceit or restrain,
As if lighting up the world with her smile was the only natural thing to do,
An uncontrollable, and unthought about reflex.
She radiated undiluted joy,
As if she were the most blessed human being to ever walk the earth,
The only one to not only know of the wonders of this world,
But to have seen them with her own eyes,
Heard their melody with her own ears,
Tasted their richness,
Felt them brush against her skin.
She was facing her lover,
The man taking the picture,
He shared in her smile,
But it was not meant for him.
The smile was a declaration of unrestrained joy.
The smile which could have drew eyes,
The smile that could have tempted a priest
Or lightened the heart of a child,
It was a smile for the daughter developing within her.
The child, the family that she had been told she was incapable of ever having.
She the essence of sunshine, the young mother

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