May 21, 2009
By Justin Stevens SILVER, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
Justin Stevens SILVER, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
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A circle can be a mysterious shape,
Its mysteries decided within.
If it walls can eitherbe thick or tough,
Instead of accepting and thin.

Rather than wood, stone, or brick,
These walls are composed of another,
When snugly connected make up a clique,
Built only to suffocate and smother.

The power they hold can destroy a life,
When acceptance is all that counts,
When inside the circle lies conflict and strife,
That if trapped just rises and mounts.

The faces smile, but their hearts are blank,
Erased as people from earth,
The members are forced to fight for their rank,
Ignoring their personal worth.

Yet people beg for the chance, to join such a shape,
Giving it all that they’ve got
They rule out their chance to make an escape,
But the number one rule they forgot.

Do unto others as they would to you,
Step on no one to reach your own fame;
For karma just might find its way back to you,
And expose al your downfalls and shame.

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