May 21, 2009
By Tiffany Frank BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
Tiffany Frank BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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I think about two years ago and the way I was living.
Life was care free and great.
I was truly living.
I never thought that day would come.
I was the first one they called.
There had been an accident.
It didn’t look good they said.
I couldn’t help but cry and wonder if they were okay.
I didn’t want my friends to be hurt.
All the memories we had shared and how truly happy they made me.
I knew who I was with them.
But they were gone.
The impact of the car had taken their lives.
What was I supposed to do?
Should I break down and cry for loosing two people who mean so much to me?
Or should I be happy that they are in a better place?
My world was turned upside down with no where to turn.
I had to keep living my life in memory of them, but it was hard to do.
I shut myself out from the world while things just seemed to get worse.
Eventually I realized they would not want me to live this way.
They would want me happy like I was when they were still here.

The author's comments:
Two of my best friends were killed in a tragic car accident on their way home on May 29, 2007. They were to wonderful girls and they will never be forgotten.

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