Breath in the Mist

May 21, 2009
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I see the cold mist rolling in
I breath lightly
It looks like a heart
I smile at the thought of him

I see his face in the mist
I laugh at the thought of his smile
I breath in the mist
I see his eyes

Does he see me in the mist?
Does he see my smile?
My eyes?
My heart shaped breath?

I walk down the sidewalk
I hear his laughter in the distance
I see his shadow in the mist
Does he see mine?

I walk closer to the laughter
I see him across the street
He sees me standing in the light
He walks towards me

We lock eyes
Standing in the misty light
The mist circles us in one large ring
I breath, it looks like a heart
He breaths, it looks like a heart
One last breath and we kiss

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