As I Lie Dying

May 21, 2009
By rctriple6 GOLD, Brockton, Massachusetts
rctriple6 GOLD, Brockton, Massachusetts
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As I lie on my deathbed
I see you sitting next to me
You take my hand in yours
And say everything is alright

I lie on my deathbed
Looking up at you
I see your eyes with tears
I ach all over

You wish I wasn’t here
Look at the good times
Don’t look at the bad
Never see me like this

Don’t cry at my funeral
Bury me and have a party
This is my wish for you
That’s what I want

You sit on my bed and cry
Please just forget about me
Go live your life worth living for
Remember that I love you

I know deep down my dream isn’t there
You aren’t going to party
You are going to cry for years
Well I’m sorry

I love you, please remember that

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