Demons Underneath

May 21, 2009
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I sit in the room
Cold and dark
I look in the mirror
*SMASH* My fist breaks the glass

I grab a sharp piece
I put it to my throat
STOP! I yell, dropping the glass
I grab my head and close my eyes

The sound and talking ceases
I look up at the door
I hear footsteps in the hall
I pick up the glass

I want to kill myself
There are demons underneath my skin
They torment me, tease me
They need to stop

I sit on the bed
My hands run through my hair
I close my eyes
I take a deep breath

They tell me to kill myself
They tell me I’m not worth the time
They tell me to go to them
They tell me they need me

NO!!!! I tell them to leave
I leave the room and never look back

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