Angels Within

May 21, 2009
By rctriple6 GOLD, Brockton, Massachusetts
rctriple6 GOLD, Brockton, Massachusetts
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Some people save lives
Some people don’t
Some people put bad people away
Some people look away

I saved a life
But I don’t save lives
I put one bad person away
But at what cost?

We all have angels within
We all do good at one point
We all save a life
We all put someone bad behind bars

I saved a life, yes
Do I save all lives? No
I put a bad person away, yes
But I lost my uncle by that mans hand

I have an angel within me, yes
But does that make me a good person?
You have an angel within you
But does that make you a good person?

I saved my little brothers life
I lost my Uncles life
I have done good
But does that make me an angel?

.......... No, I’m no angel
Just me

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