Indiana Jones, The Ark of the Covenant

May 21, 2009
By Noah Downman BRONZE, Fletcher, North Carolina
Noah Downman BRONZE, Fletcher, North Carolina
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He is an adventurer, a man, he is fit and a professor, but most importantly...he's Indiana Jones !!

He wears a weathered felt fedora,
He is quite an interesting "explora".

He has a 10 foot bull whip,
And he takes it with him when he goes on a trip.

Indiana Jones is an archeologist,
But he also gets in fights and uses his fist.

Indy had to find the Ark of the
Because it was important to the German government.

Major Foht tried to kill him many times,
But Indy stopped those crimes.

Hitler wanted to get the Ark,
And Indy had made him bark.

Indy then went to Cairo,
To search for the Ark.

Monkey Manos monkey stole Indy's gun,
And by doing that, Indy stopped having fun.

The "well of souls" was full of snakes,
But Indy's fear didn't make him shake.

Indy went down into the well,
And in there was the Ark and a horrific smell.

The U.S. Government cmae and got him,
But in the end they only bought him.

They took the Ark to area 51,
And now this story is all done.

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