a trip to the zoo

May 20, 2009
By sylvies GOLD, New York, New York
sylvies GOLD, New York, New York
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i guess it was fun.

zoos are, generally.

you stick your hands through bars

or over plexy glass walls

fingers stretching toward furry critters that go

sniff sniff

and make




it's hard to tell.

baby faces are, generally, hard to read

chubby cheeks and slack jaws. red shiny lips

wide droppy brown eyes

little girl flower dresses and mini boots

hands held between mommy's.

and those mothers,


they are,

generally, responsible:

high waisted jeans and

pastel button downs

pushing infant safe strollers to

grocery stores

mild mannered, pretty finger nails, pretty faces

i guess counter robot parts to

husbands that

trade in their ties for daddy time several hours a day

being, generally,

as fathers should be:

the heroes

wearing their suited armor to

work with flowers for mommy

and toys for baby and money money

pouring from his

tailored pockets

and despite how far we think we've gotten

we still

think of how it could be

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