something Silly

May 20, 2009
By sylvies GOLD, New York, New York
sylvies GOLD, New York, New York
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she feels like doing something Silly

so "how bout we tie our toes together with

sparkly twine

and try to

lick our Elbows?"

they knock their heads together

trying to get to the ends of the arms,

hanging feet and painted toes off

the Duvet covers

she says

"marnie, grab my leg and

break it so i can

get a cast.

it's fine i'll be fine

just perfect

aren't you excited about

signing it?

you have the prettiest signature"

she smiles and winces and can't

wait to see all the names of all

her Classmates scrawled across

the gray white plaster.

for two months it will be her Rainbow.



the break.

it hurts (? what. it wasn't supposed to be like this)

like Sharp and Dull and Pain and no more Twine

untie my toes

the need for silliness dissipates

and she finds she Regrets This

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