Sealed in the Gray

May 20, 2009
By KatieCL BRONZE, Barrington, Illinois
KatieCL BRONZE, Barrington, Illinois
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I wish some things were black and white.
I wish there was no gray area.
I wish that right and wrong were obvious and clear.
I wish confusion had a cure.
I wish there was a book, with answers to life’s questions.

I wish I could understand the plan of life.
I wish it wasn’t such a secret.
I wish my ears could be open.
I wish the secret could be told.
I wish I knew how to listen.

I wish I could be another and tell myself what to do.
I wish I could listen to the voice I know is there.
I wish I wasn’t stubborn, trapped in my beliefs.
I wish I could listen to others’ voices.
I wish they knew what to say to open my sealed head.

I wish I would listen to myself.
Then I would see
The secret is really in my head.

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