the happy face doesn't change a thing

May 20, 2009
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I’m not okay.
And that’s what sucks about life;;
As much as you say you’re okay,
Act like you’re okay,
Seem like you’re okay,
You’re never ever actually okay.
Sure, you can fake it—
Go around with your happy face on,
See how far it gets you,
No one will offer to help,
No one will think you need it.
You can tell people you aren’t in fact, okay—
But then they just think you want attention,
You’re fine,
You just want something to complain about.
No matter what you do,
Someone always thinks you’re fine,
So when that one person comes,
The person who knows you are not in fact, okay,
Don’t let go of them,
Keep them close,
And know in your heart that they aren’t okay either.

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