Disease and Desire

May 20, 2009
By Desiree Olson BRONZE, La Mesa, California
Desiree Olson BRONZE, La Mesa, California
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In a state of a morbidity,
He tries to face the reality of his condition, his disease;
It takes all effort just to admit it to himself, let alone heal.
He’s always been known for his strength and courage,
But this was something incomparable.
He, indeed, was an addict.
We, his family, did everything to support him.
The emotions experienced to watch a loved one masked
In such an ugly coating are unutterable.
His cravings kept him longing for that exhilarating high.
I watched him fall.
I sat beside him in the passenger seat.
I have witnessed it all.
A blessed man came along and sponsored him to find a cure,
And to this day him, he, the former addict, is now sober and pure.

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