May 20, 2009
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Sitting at my window frame.
Looking at kids crying in pain.
Searching for the right time to answer.
But I get pulled back before and after.
I try to be patient in this world.
But I ask myself is it right to be here.
Walking down the street on a cold rainy day.
See moms on the street because of their husband’s mistakes.
Feeling my head filled with rain, knowing in my mind the lord can make a way.
A way out of no way they say.
Feeling lonely is the worst pain.
Seeing children die everyday is pain, because no one has the guts to say I want a change.
Changes that can make this place a better place, for people like you and me.
Martin Luther King had a dream; a dream that whites and blacks could get along.
Rosa Parks didn’t sit in the front of the bus for just you and me.
She did it so that we all can be set free.
With martin Luther Kings powerful speech, we can all rise up at one and but every hurting word, and emotion up under are feet.
Just sit back and imagine, and ask yourself was this supposed to happen?
Is this a sign that can tell us what we need to do?
Come up with a dream that could be true.
Maybe this was supposed to happen to let everyone know that all of you could change the world if we all imagine?

Imagine a place of flowers and trees, kids playing under the sun with sticks and bumblebees.
Think about it for just a short time; let me know how to finish this rhyme.

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Tony S. said...
May 27, 2009 at 3:11 pm
Love this Poem
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