Golden Silence

May 20, 2009
By Calamine16 GOLD, Rochester, Minnesota
Calamine16 GOLD, Rochester, Minnesota
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"Ordinary people can do extraordinary things if given a chance" ~R. Limbaugh~
Heaven is like Hawaii. I haven't been there yet.


I’m leading a beautiful life

I hear those remarkable words:

“Husband and Wife”

While I lived, I laughed and cried

I watched in silence as someone died

I’ve had an amazing life

I was once able to hear:

“Husband and Wife”

While I lived, I mourned more than lied

I’d wept, helplessly, as someone died

I hated my life

I’ll never get to hear the words:

“Husband and Wife”

I have lived through sorrowful trials

I’ve worn more frowns than smiles

I was that someone who died

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