HE and I

May 20, 2009
By InkRavens GOLD, Rochester, Massachusetts
InkRavens GOLD, Rochester, Massachusetts
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"How you shine just depends on where you've been placed beneath the spot light."- Dani Marston

HE is the one who has taken up the knife

HE is the one who tells you it's your fault.

I am the one who tells you to walk away,

I am the one who takes up your defense.

You are blinded.

I scream at you.

But you still love him.

I tell you slowly, clearly.

I hint and Hint!

Yet you still just,

walk right by.

I am unnoticed.

Until he finally stabs you.

and you fall.

Then you run back,

and see me.

Defending you.

I am here.

And you are now bleeding.

I do not know what to say.

So i tell you.

You'll be okay.

But you know its a lie.

And these lies are tearing you apart.

Just as he has this whole time.

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