Just a Corner of My Life

May 20, 2009
By Victoria Glenn SILVER, Whispering Pines, North Carolina
Victoria Glenn SILVER, Whispering Pines, North Carolina
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Around 2006 I started studying the Bible and praying on my knees. Dad came back to church and we started praying at dinner.

Around 2002 a girl called me Vicky. She got kicked in the shin. I got shoved a few feet. Mrs. Burrow asked me what happened. She said, “Good, she deserved it.”

Around 1993 my parents brought my new sister home. I jumped on the coffee-table and peed without warning.

Around 2009 I was praying in the dark. Dad comes in and says, “I know we don’t do this much.” He pulled me close to him and said, “I love you.” He walked out. I cried in my bed.

Around 1997 Goldie didn’t come home. A week went by. No Goldie. Aunt Robin was taking us home on our dirt road. I caught a glimpse of a gold and black smudged tail. We buried Goldie and I hid behind a tree.

Around 2007 I asked God for a friend. Before I could thank Him, I was weeping in your arms.

Around 2004 there was a knock at the door and my dog barked. I thought it was dad. “Get him Katie, get him!” I joked. I opened the door. Katie lunged. It was
my neighbor.

Around 1995 I had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Mom caught me standing at the fridge with my pajamas pulled down.

Around 2007 we went to Carowinds. On the way home we sat in the van. We sang Shout To The Lord and somehow our hands touched.

Around 2006 I took driver’s ed. Coach Suggs said, “Turn left.” I asked, “Are you sure?” I almost didn’t pass.

Around 1998 Mrs. Pervatt asked me to sit with a new girl at lunch. We talked about our favorite foods and exchanged phone numbers. I’ll never forget dancing with our make-believe boyfriends or performing our crazy plays.

Around 2008 I gave the okay. Then you and I prayed. It was cold and rainy so we retreated to your dad’s little truck. It was the strangest thing I thought I’d ever done.

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