May 20, 2009
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Their love withstood miles and confrontation,
They knew their clasp would cling through generations.

Two lost people planted in place and time,
They knew it was through God’s perfect rhyme.

There didn’t seem to be a way,
Yet it fell into place on a stealthy day.

Through obedience and rebellion,
Through love and devotion,
They fought,

Remarkable Union
My parents.

As uncertainty grew near,
Their vision remained clear.

They fed us, hugged us,
And always said, “You’re young, don’t rush.”

They gave us life, and showed us the world.
They kept us grounded, but lifted us higher.

Through care and compassion,
Through God and each other,
They endured,

Remarkable Union
My parents.

When a couple tries to do what’s right,
Sometimes people try to change their sight.

Harsh words and gossip full of lies,
They heard from their own family’s sighs.

But they stood their ground,
Without making a sound.

Through patience and truth,
Through long talks at night,
They clung,

Remarkable Union
My parents.

They bicker and fight,
Till the house sounds like a rowdy bar in the night.

But Mom always suggests,
Make up’s the best.

Through lengthy talks over dinners we work out the knots,
Prying through those hard to reach spots.

No matter what anyone declares,
I’ll always know that they’re

Remarkable Union
My parents.

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