May 20, 2009
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What do you see when you hear green?

I see a farm rolling in lush vegetation,
Where lettuce is swelling in plumb aggravation.

I see prime summer leaves high like a kite,
And large oval olives suspended in sight.

I see my room encompassed round a limeish-green,
Just like the tint of mint ice cream.

It seems like nothing could be more reposing
Than this sedating color of green,

But, Wait…

I see a green that signals evil and dark,
Like greed in fights that aren’t civil and smart.

I see a tempered crocodile idling for prey,
While workers are waiting, stressing till pay.

I see a moldy shower in need of much bleach.
Call Mr. Clean. We need a remedy!

So you see,
Green has many illustrations.

What do you see when you hear green?

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