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May 20, 2009
By mykira ward GOLD, Vass, North Carolina
mykira ward GOLD, Vass, North Carolina
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The white blouse so elegant and pure.
Her dangling earrings contrasting
with the glow of her fair skin tone.
As she displays the grace of a queen
as if nothing s wrong. Yet her gesture gives her away.
She looks too good to be true
with her serene smile and mature prose.
Beyond her smile you can see
that her heart has been torn all apart.
Although she hides it well I can tell.
What used to be her best friend is standing
To the left of the camera holding her crushes hand
in her own as if she hasn’t done enough.
She took the boy she had loved so true with out
Even a weak “I ‘m sorry”.
Still as look at this picture I wonder
How did she depict so much glee?
When beyond the surface of the white blouse
Pain and hurt over flow in her diaphragm.
She holds no focus on taking this picture for she must
Concentrate so she doesn’t cry.
Although it looks like she is content she would
Rather be anywhere but there,
exposed to the truth that her best friend is a fake.
Still she doesn’t blow up or act a fool
Nor does she cringe and run away.
Instead she sits there with her head held high.
Unwilling to let a tear leave her eye.
She sits there in this picture depicting a lie.

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