Boy and his God

May 20, 2009
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I’m just a boy with my god.
Throwin’ a Frisbee, he sprints after it,
Wagging his tail, making Earth pitch.
Light can’t keep up, sound has no chance,
He’s as tall as me when he stabnds up to dance.
I throw him a treat, he jumps up so high,
The astronauts all crick their necks and cry.
But I’m just a boy with my god.
I put him on a leash, and we go out for a stroll,
he sees a squirrel and thunder starts to roll.
I take him to the pet and the price tags all change
I give him some table scraps and their size gets all stange.
He wants the TV repairman to stay,
So something elze breaks and he comes back the next day.
I stand there with my head held high in pride,
Even though the truth is etched in my mind:
I’m just a boy with my god.

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